Easily Teach Your Child to Read and
Basic Mathematics in just Half an Hour a Day!

Give them the advantage that will last a lifetime with easy to use
tools and techniques from the Nicholson Easy Learning Centre
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Announcing the ABACUS ONE...

The modern version of a natural method used to teach and calculate for over 5,000 years. Because the responsibility of teaching your child lies entirely in your hands.
You taught your child to speak ...


Spend just ten minutes a day and you will ensure your childĄ¯s maths ability is equal to or greater than every other child in their class!

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Child using the Abacus One
Children as young as 3 years old can learn basic numeracy with the Abacus One and just a small amount of your time each day.


Times Table Trainer (TTT)

Click the link above to access a simple time table training facility that can quickly teach your child the times tables.



For further information please contact John Nicholson on +44 (0)1964 551945
Abacus House, The Green, Bishop Burton, East Yorks, England, HU17 8QF

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