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How to Teach Your Child Geography

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Layer after layer of mind maps

Reading is the KEY to knowledge

Low case country names for political boundaries

 Geography best demonstrates the technique of mind maps, layer after layer of information is visually being assembled.  We are starting with the political boundaries of every country in the world, the name of each country is identified by name, written in low case. Over 200 different countries and the major seas are written in low case and also all placed on a special tick board in alphabetical order above the map of the world, in order to identify each country quickly and register the fact that the child has identified that particular country from reading its name and knowing its position in the world.

We can clearly see that each country is being identified in one layer of knowledge

The second world map, contains the addition each capital in the world also all written in low case this represents our second layer of knowledge.

this technique clearly demonstrates how a child or adult builds up their knowledge, layer after layer, in reality we hardly notice how we are assembling knowledge.  It is only when we systemise the acquisition of knowledge, that we can come to understand, how knowledge is built up within the mind.  Having identified this process from research carried out on the development of Abacus One, I have applied the same mental disciplines in reading and geography.  The effect of treating reading as essential layers of knowledge has a dramatic effect on how best we can learn to read quickly and easily.  Techniques within the assimilation of knowledge learned from the Abacus are being applied throughout education with massive benefits to all the pupils.

In using an actual map it allows instant comprehension of the technique, there is nothing special about the subject, it is in fact how we learn every subject that we need to understand throughout our lives.

Our abilities in speech are the first of three Basic skills, reading and mathematics are not learnt naturally, but we must imitate the natural acquisition of speech if we are to be able to use those two skills, as efficiently and as easily as we use speech.

 Once a Child has fluent ability in all three Basic skills, it has the ability to gather knowledge which is available in abundance throughout the Western world, the Third World is more difficult, but once children have gained thorough abilities in primary education it is a relatively simple matter to guide them to libraries, newspapers, the best of TV documentaries, radio and of course the Internet.

The benefits of the Internet far outweigh the disadvantages, someone somewhere will be telling the truth about everything, which is important to humanity.

And so to geography.

Chanting and singing are well known and well researched techniques for quickly establishing rapid memory lock in. Contingent in this it is in geography I have developed the concept of a young Eskimo boy called Zig Zag, who travels around the world chanting the differing countries of the world has he takes an imaginary journey.



Zigzag is an Eskimo boy. He is just twelve years old. He is the first person to graduate from The Bush School. From when he was born until his twelfth birthday, he has never met a schoolteacher. His twelfth birthday was on the 13th September 2001.


In the morning his father told him about the twin towers in New York. He had heard it on the radio in his snowmobile.

“It is a dreadful thing” said his father, Wise Owl “There is no real reason why people should fall out and behave in such a way.


Wise Owl explained to Zigzag that thousands of years ago human beings needed to protect themselves and the instinct to think of themselves as tribes had remained within them. He said it could be seen at a football match or in wars between countries, but it was less trouble at a football match.


Zigzag’s mother, Irene, who had taught him to speak and read, told him that she believed only politicians should be allowed to fight. If they were to risk their own lives first, there would soon be no wars. She told him about the different countries in the world and about the different religions.


She explained to him about other forces and ideas. She told him about humanity, she explained that the world was full of people with many different ideas, but she believed that there were forces of natural behaviour and common sense that would eventually affect the way the world was run. She explained to Zigzag that there were many different religions in the world and that they appeared to be fighting a losing battle betwee the modern way that young children behaved and the old ideas. She explained to him that within human behaviour the good things should be developed and the bad things about human nature understood and managed.


Zigzag took out his Kayak and went fishing, which he did most days. He enjoyed himself, sometimes on his own and sometimes with his friends.

He liked to find the fish that fed the family and many years ago his father had shown him how to fish. His father had built for him a kayak and shown him how to build one. They had built it from animal skins and the short trees that grew by the beach. His father told him that he needed a kayak for two in order for him to take his friends around and show them how to fish.


As it was his birthday Zigzag was excited and rushed down to the sea on his own. He caught three large fish. There was some sun shining over the water and as he had risen early in his excitement the warmth of the early day at the end of the Northern Summertime allowed him to sleep.


During his sleep he dreamt of the countries his mother had told him about.

She had told him about her imaginary journeys that she had made in her head after reading about all the countries in the world. As he dreamt he wished he could follow her journey around the world, he wished it so hard suddenly he imagined his two-seater kayak had wings! Instead of paddling he was steering his little two-seater kayak aeroplane gently around the world remembering the chant that his mother had used to teach him about where the countries were.


She said first there was the BIG SIX – two of them he knew well, because he lived in the Arctic Circle – 2 A’s for Alaska and The Arctic, a C and a G for Canada and Greenland. South to U and M, for the United States and Mexico.


South through the MAGNIFICENT SEVEN G – B – E and H – N – C and on to Panama. From Panama to The Caribbean, North to South – The Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti and Dominica – down through nine islands.


To South America, the lucky thirteen, four threes and big Brazil.  ECV and GSF and across the PBP, down to Chile, Argentina and out from Uruguay. 


From the Falkland Isles to Europe, through the Atlantics – North and South, to the Islands, Iceland and Ireland two I’s and another E England. 


Cross the North Sea First, Norway, Sweden, Finland and down through ELL, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and back to Portugal.  There’s nine in a line, take Portugal,Spain, France, little Belgium, Holland , Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway. 



Germany, Poland Bella Russia and Russia


To Czechs Slovak and grain in the Ukraine.


Then ski with me in the I.S.A. ( Italy, Switzerland and Austria)  onto Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania and Moldavia. 


Through the four at war, Croatia, Bosnia, Yugoslavia and Macedonia.


Albania and Kosova, then to the Islands of Greece, travel East through The Mediterranean to Cyprus and Malta, Sicily, Crete, Sardinia, Corsica, Balearics, through the Straits of Gibralter to  Madiera, and the Canaries


Step into North Africa,

First Line    5  for MATLE

Second line              W   double M              N   C   S double   E    E                                Six plus one E

Western Sahara, Mauritania, Mali, Nigeria, Chad, Sudan and Eritrea and Ethiopia


Third line                        S   triple G S   L   I   Senegal, Gambia, Guinea Bissau and Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia and the Ivory coast


Fourth line     G   T  double B   N   triple C

              Ghana, Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso, Nigeria, e.g. and 4 C’s Equatorial Guinea Gabon and 4 C’s Cameroon, Central Africa Republic and the 2 Congo’s


Fifth line U  K   S D  R   B T  give us Uganda, Kenya, Somali and Djibouti and Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania


Sixth line A   double Z  2 M’s and Madagascar, N    B   S with Lesotho and Swaziland

              Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique and Madagascar.  Namibia, Botswana and South Africa plus L    S




Madgascar and Mauritius and North to the Seychelles to Yemen, Oman, U.A.E. (United Arab Emirates) Quator and Saudi Arabia , Kuwait to Israel, Jordan, Iraq and Iran, Syria and Lebanon , Turkey, Georgia , Armenia and Azabajhan . Over the Caspian Sea to the seven STANS

Turkistan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzestan, Kazakhstan and two old STANSAfghanistan and Pakistan.


NIS and the three B’s Nepal, India and Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Burma and Bangladesh.


Go North to China and Mongolia, East to Korea and Japan


South again to T.C. & L.V. - Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and the Vietnam

Down to Malaya and Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei and the Philippines


We start in the North and end in the South zig-zagging from  Papua New Guinea and the island states of The Pacific, to Australia, Tasmania , New Zealand – North and South


Finally South to the Antarctic


West to East


Zigzag woke quickly when he felt the chill of The Antarctic winter in his dream.

Combined sound and sight memory

Every parent is best qualified to teach their own child
   phonetic reading arithmetic and two layers of                      Geography




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