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The central purpose of education is to allow us to understand the world we live in, and to think about our personal and collective actions, in order to enhance them.


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Some years ago, I observed Chinese children doing mathematics. They were working extremely quickly from sums presented on a blackboard by their master. I was intrigued by the speed at which they were able to answer the sums presented to them. The article I was watching was on the television. We were quickly shown the reason for those children being so quick to answer. They were using the Chinese abacus. The television article then showed the children answering just as quickly, without the use of the abacus. This made me fully aware that they were using mathematical knowledge based on their visual concept of the abacus and their past ability and processing of maths carried out on the abacus.

Seven years thinking about thinking

The essence of education

The central purpose of education is to allow us to understand the world we live-in and to think about our personal and collective actions in order to enhance them

Noam Chomsky the American linguist makes the point that a human being with the capacity of a limited number of words can produce and regularly clearly do so, an unlimited number of sentences.

I believe that the human ability of speech is mans best demonstration of intelligence, words are assembled and spoken as quickly as ideas are conceived, no sooner we are aware of an idea within our brain then we can have spoken it, we think at the speed of light and obviously speak at the speed of sound, you can work out the difference for yourself.

Marie Montessori, the mother of intelligent education, harnessed the inbuilt ability of children to learn by watching, seeing and doing.

I believe you taught your child to speak, the miracle of the ability to speak was leant naturally, it was so easy for you, and you did not even realize that you were doing it. So giving rise to my statement " the imperceptible learning process" we have only three gears, learning, thinking, teaching.

We are either listening and seeing, which is the learning gear, or we are talking which is the teaching gear, or we are thinking, however unintelligent we may consider ourselves to be unless we are speaking or learning we are thinking. I prove this to you, simply by telling you to consider what is happening to you when you are asleep, your body is resting and your thinking ability is in freewheel, yes you are dreaming. I dream of a better world, that is the exciting thing about education.

Children can teach children, one-to-one teaching and learning is the basis of our CIVILIZATION

John Dixon Brearey Nicholson.


And if education is ALWAYS to be conceived along the same antiquated lines of a mere transmission of knowledge, there is little to be hoped from it in the bettering of man's future.

For what is the use of transmitting knowledge if the individuals total development lags behind

Maria Montessori

"The mind once expanded to the dimensions of larger ideas never returns to its original size."

Oliver Wendell Holmes



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